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tv   [untitled]    June 25, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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good morning and welcome to the aging and adult service commission mptd can we have a roll call? >> president james, here. surinia, here. itani, here. loo, here. ow, here. commissioner roy, here. sim, here. please note [inaudible] >> can i have a apruvlt of the ajunda june 24? motion to approve the ajunda?
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>> sthr a motion to had ajunda. to the consent agenda? >> just to the regular agenda. >> where we have to make that change we should include it >> it would be on the next item >> motion to approve >> second. >> moved and second that we approve the agenda for today, all in favor say aye? >> aye. the motion is carried. approval of the content ajunda with the removal of item self help for the elderly, the 28 thousand is a little above the amount so, with removing that i would like approval of the consent agenda >> so moved >> second. >> moved and second that we approve the consent ajund a with the amunded to remove self help for the elderly, the 28 thousand amount. all in favor?
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>> aye >> opposes. >> the motion is carried. thank you. is there public comment at this time? sorry, i skipped over one. we'll go back. number 4. could we have a motion to approve the june 3 meeting minutes >> so moved >> second >> moved and second that we approve the june 3 meeting minutes as printed. all in favor? >> aye >> opposes >> the motion carries >> is the public comment at this time? hearing none we shall go to reports employee of the mujt. the department of aging adult service we
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recognize marina [inaudible] program analyst for from the office of aging and adult services. maria, where are you? >> [applause] >> is it on? so i have a beautiful write occupy i'm going to-i'll get you between. a beautiful write up that your colleagues put together that i'll share with you and everyone here, but i scr have a few words. i'm not sure what those few word will be though
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so i'm a little stuck. i just want to say i used to be a contractor but never had maria. did you have maria when you are a contractor? deneez kept her from us. i don't know what that was about. i do know before coming to the position and since the position contractors that worked with you have really appreciated your time and your talent and your support. and i think of all the times over the last 10 years that deniece pulled the trips together and sit in the rooms and talk about demo graphics and about who is being served and who wasn't being served and what was going on in the neighborhood and you were always able to articulate neighborhood issues and
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strengths. sometimes weakness but the strengths we work with. but you are also somebody who can deliver hard news if you have to. when maria delivered hard news i remember this was legal services and the legal services group came together and agreed on what they would reduce. it wasn't that they wanted to, but they were together as a group of people and made some decisions as a group of people doing similar services and you were able to bring that forward so we didn't have to cut service we cut something else and it worked out so i think that is a example of the type of work you have done. all the management and all the union-i think i remember one thof first times i saw you at a commission meeting i was a contractor and you and others got up about what was
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going on the world and you remind us of people that passed away and that is greatly appreciated. before we both cry, here we go. tribute to maria [inaudible] with love from your colleagues from dos. after 26 years of social service in the city and county of san francisco maria decide to become not only a member of arp but practice as a retireee. maria started working in the city as a team member of information and relf office. maria is bilingual and her skills working in the community were very effective. >> [inaudible] [mic not working]
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>> they only have 2 in the
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other room.
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>> [inaudible] thank you all so much. you don't know what this means to me. first, to be able to work with you all and learn from you all is just so incredible. as you can see, this team i work with [inaudible] i have a supervisor has [inaudible] that is what you have to look forward to [inaudible] the memory i have
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working with this department and all of you. [inaudible] thank you. >> [inaudible]
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>> congratulations maria, we'll miss you very much. i know you will be still active with the latino partnership. it there any old business at this time? hearing none new business? all items below require a vote from the commission. iteal a, review and approval of fiscal year 15, 16 cva 122 area plan budget associated with contract [inaudible] threw o 6 and all
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subsequent amendments. motion to discuss >> good afternoon. what is before you this afternoon for review and aprurfbl is area plan budget for 15, 16 and subsequent amendments. this details federal and state funding provided in spote of the area plan programming. [inaudible] from the baseline budget of fy, [inaudible] area plan budget for a new total of 5, 36 424. the attached grid detail zs funding flexuation in federal and state funding by title and dos staff. the programs include support services congrugrt home
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delivered nutrition, disease previction. family care giver [inaudible] and administration fundingfelt all the local support is not included in this budget. as mentioned the biggest driver is the nutrition program with increase of 22, 453 and the con gruigate males plan and 192, 851 for the males program. the ap 15, 16 os details the requirements for the programs in each specific funding stream. with approval of the item staff will make the appropriate contract modifications. please let me know if you have any questions. >> any questions from the
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commissioners? any questions? comment? is there any comment on the public at this time? okay, commissioners >> small question. the reductions that are made in specific programs, they don't seem in large part to be significant dollar amounts but is sthr a rational for reduction? >> for each fund source there is a different way the feds allocate and the state distributes it so if there have a reduction the way they distribute is based on what the population is for example. for each one there is a different formula is all. >> i just have one question, in some areas under the
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[inaudible] for example on page -what is this? the budget-page 2. and like under the food cost, item 6. you have a star about [inaudible] allocated cost. can you explain that a minute for me? >> i'm seeing food cost-item 6? >> yes >> i don't see any numbers in that total on page 2. >> but what is the allocated cost where you have a star there? >> i think what the state is indicated if you are to use or have expenses allocated to that area you need to submit a
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complete cast allocation plan to the area. since we don't have cost there we didn't need to submit a allocation plan >> so in orebd words we don't have [inaudible] cost we are contributing to this? >> under food cost >> on any of these areas like they have cash and then they have [inaudible] we don't have anything under that? >> in the nutrition prac we do and if you turn to page 10, no excuse me, page 11, you will see there are a significant amount of inkine and cash match and non match made that-that is all detailed. for example there are programs included that would be funding that
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comes from each specific sites that gets offset with the state charges or adds to theoverall programs and there is akish and inkine non match >> just not under this category? okay. anybody else? >> i have a general question follow up on the presidents-nutrition program you collect money, is there a requirement that they [inaudible] what is the percentage of inkine cash? >> so under program income that is where that gets reported and from what- >> [inaudible] a percentage they should have? >> from what i understand there is a requirement from the state that for sites that do have food congrt male sites there is a requirement that they be able to indicate contributions are accepted for those meals. they
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would then report the funding that comes in for those meals. >> what if the program cannot come up with a number like 25 thousand, do they have to do fund raising? >> there is no requirement for the match, but it is as martha said, there is-signs are put out saying donations are welcome but donations can't be forced so there is no baseline requirement. >> so the state doesn't mandate? >> no and neither does the federal government >> okay, thank you >> 2 other areas that are important to me and i'm just
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looking on page 9. in the areas the other support services, i think we should -disaster pr pairedness and emergency preparedness, i think of the disaster preparedness that we think with earthquakes and what have you, is there something there-what do we do we don't have anything in that area? >> this actually is only the federal-this is how we allocate federal dollars and the required match so the department supports many other programs but since wree don't use federal dollars for it we don't need to report it in this particular area. i believe the agency and department overall do a lot of funding and
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transportation outreach. there a variety of different programs we support but don't use funding for >> so [inaudible] a whole plan [inaudible] again it is not in this document because we are not using federal dollars for that. the things you see listed with dollars besides it that is what we spend federal money on and the federal allocation is fairly small so in the scope of our entire budget so we rely on other resources for certain categories of service. >> so, in other words if we had a disaster and you would declare this is federal- >> that is a different department of the federal government >> a different department >> this is the administration on aging. it is very very
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specific. you can see there a long long list of things we could fund but if we did that there wouldn't be hardly money in any category. we fund a lot of other services that we fund with local dollars and other dollars that we have access to >> okay >> the reason why we don't include it is every time you include a expenditure there comes a reporting requirement so wree try to be as strategic as possible about how we allocate our federal and state dollars >> i do go to the senior lunch regularly and i do contribute 2 dollars and all most everybody does. does the city have oversight on the money collected? how are they spent? >> yes, the city-we allow the
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sites-linda maybe you can am up here and you will be more articulate than i, but we allow the sites to use those dollars towards their program but i do believe that we have access to what the dollar amounts are. we know-we are able to look-i know at certain groups of people who we may not get any donations from and other groups we get a lot of deinations from. it is just of interest to us, there is no hch a problem that occurs from that but it helps in terms of planning to have a sense of how much is coming in through the donation. linda you want to- >> my name is linda [inaudible] nutritionist. the state and feds do require our service providers request and offer the opportunity for consumers and seniors to donate but the
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amount of donation is all up to the individuals. it is a confidental process. the service providers set up a system to allow confidentalty in the donation process. they are collected and verify whatever amount is collected is signed off by 2 people and deposited and the nutrition contractors do have provide us a detailed budget to indicate how they use the income. first and formost the federal requires the income be used toward the nutrition program to offset some of the operating cost like food cost and other kind of operating cost and then-it is approved and it accounted for. >> okay, follow up on that-- >> commissioner
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>> following on that, i just do a quick calculation. according to the report here the donation income is 15 percent of the budget cost okay? and then the home delivery is only 7.6 percent so it is kind of very low. so, how is the home delivered meals handled? they have a box people put in the money or the delivery person carry the box? >> sure, regarding the percentage of the difference between the congruigate and home delivered meal, the nutrition provides look at the population they serve and project the contribution they will get from the consumers and include it as part of the budget. historically the donation is a little higher in
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the congruigate compared to home delivered meal and since dos and hsa doesn't cover 100 percent of the agency budget they do fund raise for the rest of the budget. say their projected income is less than the-they have to make up the difference with fund raising. the home delivered meal, they collect income several ways. the majority of the participants send in the donation to had agency and then those who do not want to do that they can provide-a envelope is given to the senior, they put the money in the envelope and give it to the driver and it is sent to the main office >> and 2 people count the money and sign off >> yes >> i call for the vote. all in favor? oppose. motion carry.
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request authorization of [inaudible] of san francisco for the [inaudible] july 1, 2015-june 3, 2018 in the amount of 1, 241, [inaudible] plus a 10 percent contengeancy for a total not to exceed 1, 366, 362. can i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved. >> good morning executive director [inaudible] item before you is a 3 year contract for [inaudible] the current contract expires this month so a reyest for proposal was issued and family service was selected for the new contract. family service agency and [inaudible] are our current contractor so the new contract
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will be a continuation of their services. i think the commission is familiar with the program. i want to highlight the newer aspects of the contract. the big one is the new contract features additional staff which is consistently a problem as they are probably still underfunded even at this point. we get one new full time employee as well as continue 3 part time contractors. as a result of the hiring this will help the program be better able torespond to the services as well as [inaudible] one of the new contractors a cantonese speaking special ist. the
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board of supervisors recently passed lgbt senior long term care bill of rights. the [inaudible] will be one of the programs involved in the implementation of that ledgeilation going forward. the other thing is continue to build the relationship with the high cap program. the programs found they have client with overlapping needs or one is better suited. with that i'm happy to answer questions. i think we have benison here as well. >> i would like to hear from benison. >> the question? >> yes, i do have a question >> ask your questions >> not at this time i don't have a question for you.